Tuesday, March 29, 2011

REAL Black Swan Dancer Revealed

There was a lot of controversy recently over just who did the majority of dancing in the movie “Black Swan,” with both director Darren Aronofsky and choreographer Benjamin Millepied fiercely defending star Natalie Portman against body double Sarah Lane’s claim that Oscar winner Portman only did 5% of the dancing.

Millepied’s statement read:

“She’s my baby mama.  Therefore, she totally did all of the dancing.  Sarah, who?”

Followed by Aronofsky’s statement which read:

“Just like I made Mickey Rourke do his own wrestling in ‘The Wrestler,’ I insisted Natalie do the majority of the dancing in ‘Black Swan.’  Besides, it wasn’t about Natalie’s tour jete; it was about her being convincing as someone flipping her wig in my cinematic tour de force.  And I’m the director.   So STFU already.”

While both men’s statements seem convincing enough, a behind the scenes insider has come forward to insist that they are lying and told us:

“The real dancer/body double was actually a robotic ‘Swan Lake Barbie’ for many of the scenes.  I don’t know if it was because Natalie was already pregnant, or because Sarah had never seen food before like they have at the Craft Services table, but when it came time to film, neither of them looked like a svelte enough ballerina to cause teenage girls to develop an eating disorder.  There isn’t a female that presents a more unrealistic body image to young girls other than Barbie, so the producers made the tough decision to have her step in at the last minute to perpetuate a stereotype.”

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Ken said...

Cool! More ideas: considering all the neurotic body image issues girls in this country are bred to have, I'm pretty sure Body Double Barbie would be a big hit! How about Low Self-Esteem Barbie? Angelina Jolie Acting Double Barbie? American Idol Embarrassing Act Barbie? The possibilities are endless!

Ann R. Exia said...

Every great ballerina knows that one should subsist on feathers to deliver a convincing performance as The Swan Queen. There's a little keratin protein in the quills.

Ken said...

I hear Jim Carry got the sequel. He's going to be his own body double too!

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