Monday, February 4, 2013

GOP Goes Whole Hog; Replaces Karl Rove With Dr. Evil

Mini-me will be my "Grover!"
Washington, DC, D Street, Capitol South – A meeting was held at the Republican National Committee today to decide once and for all to replace campaign strategist Karl Rove with Dr. Evil and just get it over with.

Speaking after a pitcher of Margaritas from Tortilla Coast, a GOP spokesperson told Unsolicited Drivel, We can’t even win elections by rigging votes! What’s is going to take to get the point across to America how evil we are? Only rich white guys and poor people vote for us now, and poor people only vote for us if the they are undereducated and we don’t even want to fund schools.  What kind of crazy ass mixed up shit is that? So we think poor people must really like evil, correct?  Karl has given us his best effort, but he looks too tame.  Plus we were hoping he and Grover Norquist would do a ‘Thelma and Louise’ after the 2012.  So much for that.  Anyway, since we will no longer be providing the poor any ‘edumacation’ if we have our way, we just thought Dr. Evil would send our message to them loud and clear.  He doesn’t even have to open his mouth. Which Karl probably should not have done after the election on Fox News.”

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