Friday, February 1, 2013

K-Mart Shipped Pot; Still Not a Cool Store

Finally, dudes?! 
Seattle, Washington – A carton of marijuana actually meant for Philadelphia was shipped to a K-Mart store in Seattle leaving cops baffled and customers wondering if K-Mart was suddenly cool.  Even in SEATTLE, the K-Mart still doesn’t sell those tacky knitted hats with the earflaps and the pom-poms on top leaving many hipsters at a loss.

Police say the pot was wrapped in plastic bricks and Korean newspaper inside the box with packing peanuts and originated from Los Angeles.  The cops did not say if the paper was NORTH Korean, but that kind of goes without saying. Kim Jong Un would never allow his repressed people pot because there is no food and they might get munchies and have to resort to eating their kids.  Or eating Kim (Dear Leader the Sequel) if they had any hope in Hell of getting close enough to him.

Nevertheless, folks in Seattle were left crestfallen that the K-Mart was not suddenly cool, as they have been boycotting Wal-Mart for years and they don’t have as many Targets as they have Starbucks.

Quite frankly, the only way a K-Mart store could be cool even if they were shipped a box of pot is if they opened the box and saw this:

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