Friday, January 22, 2010

Fox Newscaster Gone To Pot?

Washington, DC - Studies have shown that marijuana can affect your perception, but we thought that was limited primarily to depth perception.  Now we come to find that it can even affect our perception of Fox News!  It really is a wonder drug. You could knock us over with a feather if we could get off the sofa.  News anchor Gretchen Carlson stated in an interview with Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong that even Republicans ought to be able to get stoned.  Let’s clarify this – she implied that Republicans like to have fun that doesn’t involve counting gold doubloons or shooting lifelong friends in the face with a hunting rifle!  This statement was made in defense of her political pals after a perhaps narrow-minded remark made by Tommy Chong.  Chong stated that he believed that marijuana should be made legal for everyone BUT Republicans.  We wonder if this is because only Democrats would take the opportunity to tax the living f*$k out of it to save our economy and also wouldn’t mind paying those imposed taxes on a pack of spliffs?  Or, that Republicans prefer drugs that may be more damaging due to their ready availability, and truly nasty habit of showing up regularly on the NYSE like nicotine and alcohol?  This isn’t the first time that Cheech and Chong have taken a political side on their desire to legalize marijuana, but it may be the first time Fox News has lived up to their slogan “Fair and Balanced.”

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