Friday, July 23, 2010

This is Going to Come as a Real Shock to Mohammed

He's probably not aware of this assessment.

These self-proclaimed fine upstanding folks in Florida are also willing to offer free food and shelter to any women who are willing to leave Islam.  I guess they don’t like bearded men.  They seem okay with mustaches though.  But not homos.

So, I am tossing out an idea to any hungry homeless women at the Gainesville, Florida public library who may be reading this post right now to grab some burquas and head on over to their church for a free lunch today!  Of course, they may expect you to hang out with them permanently too. On second thought, it’s stupid idea.  You’d probably get more spiritual nourishment from eating a copy of the Bible. 

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Satan said...

Keep hating, haters!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe there are people ignorant enough to waste their time burning Korans...why doesn't this egghead get a life! A job! Pay bills, be a consumer...anything but burn somebody elses' holy book. I'll bet he's Republican and watches Glenn Beck and Rush Limp-something

Laurie B. said...

@Anonymous: Very cliched, but ignorance is bliss. I didn't want to be ignorant of Islam after 9/11 and read a good deal about it and they want to promote peace as their number one spiritual priority. Unfortunately, we all know about the bad apples that thwart and belittle this goal. The squeaky wheel will forever get the grease. I f'in hate cliches, BTW.

GavB said...

Intolerance is of the Devil.

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