Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kings of Leon WILL NOT Be Featured on “Glee”

Bad news for the handful of “Gleeks” that know who the Kings of Leon are – the “Sex on Fire” hit-makers have declined to allow Glee to perform their songs. Caleb Followill, the band’s front man, says he doesn’t even know what the show is and despite the fact that he’s heard “apparently everybody loves it,” the band is still refusing to give access to its catalog.

A source close to the band told us, “That show typically does songs that could also be performed by drag queens, right?  That's why they don’t see how Glee could adapt the Kings’ music.  Although, one of the working titles for “Sex” was “Socks on Fire.”  That might work if they built the musical number around that bat-shit bitch cheerleading coach in a ‘very special’ episode detailing how her athlete’s foot drove her to have such a sparkling personality.  Letting Glee do that would be better for the band's image than walking off stage in a hissy fit after swallowing pigeon poop anyway.”

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