Monday, October 10, 2011

The Huffington Post to Launch French Edition

AOL’s Huffington Post has announced a new deal with the Media group LeMonde to launch a French edition of their web site named “Le Huffington Post.”

The site’s founder Arianna Huffington stated, “Zis vill be an information site and platform for zee bloggers and writers of note.  I am very excited to have business partners who vill not think I speak with a funny accent now.”

A rep from LeMonde told us, “We are very excited to learn how to obtain high quality written content without paying for it and nobody knows more about how to do that than Arianna.  Look for us to offer lifestyle columns featuring how to eat expensive cheese and surrender, or feature wines the general public cannot afford.  We will also become freakishly obsessed with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s baby bump as well as her post baby/banging bikini body; we will keep a closer eye on which of the ladies Dominique Strauss-Kahn pretends not to be date raping and follow his political aspirations even more closely; we will also do better job of making the unemployed in France feel even more hopeless about their prospects.  And we will also adopt a policy of using the word 'slam' whenever possible in our headlines. It will be the same model as the American version for Le Huffington Post almost to the letter, with the exception of leaving out the frequent stories about how we French continue to find new and improved ways to alienate the Muslim community."

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Gerard Depardieuitinmypants said...

Oo La La I like zees idea ver much!

Furge Eddaboudit said...

Heya dere! When's the Huffingtona Posta gonna do an Italian site. We're as important as France, I do say!

Vladimir Putinontheritz said...

Ven we haffing Roosyan site. Is most important!

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