Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton Goes Ballistic Over Some Guy Named Ben Ghazi

A very different kind of hot flash.
Washington, DC - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the hot seat on Capitol Hill this morning to testify about the security breaches that led to the embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya to commemorate 9/11™ this year. 

When reached for comment, most of America replied, “I thought this was all about a guy named Ben Ghazi and I’m pretty sure he lives in Detroit. Why does Senator John McCain look like he forgot to take his laxative again? He's still not as hot as that Sarah Palin.”

Regardless, Secretary Clinton made it perfectly clear she doesn’t like to be in a room filled with grumpy old white dudes. Ignoring the loss of life on U.S. shores, she basically told the Senate hearing, “Go f*ck yourselves. People died. I know you cannot list my accomplishments because you have ‘girl goggles’ on, but I wouldn’t look like I would need the next four years at a spa to recover after I leave DC if I was just sitting around with my thumb up my ass like you dorks? You think John Kerry looks like Herman Munster now? Well imagine that in DOG YEARS!?! I'm not even sure you guys are human. Jury's still out on that one.”

Senator Rand Paul told Clinton, “If I weren’t planning my son’s defense for current and future drunk driving charges, or fantasizing about poisoning Kentucky ground water, I would have fired you little lady. Yessum.”   Senator Ron Johnson said, "I'm here to bitch-slap you for Wisconsin because Paul Ryan is too creepy."  Senator John McCain said, “I thought we were here to talk about people getting off of my lawn?”

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