Tuesday, January 29, 2013

James Carville to Leave CNN

Well, I say, I say, I say, I say...
Atlanta – Long time “color” commentator who didn’t realize he was a color commentator because he thinks he is a political pundit, James Carville, is leaving CNN (formerly the Communist News Network).  His wife Mary Matalin, the yin to his yang, is also leaving the network but we haven't watched if for years (Gulf War I??) so we don’t know if she’s still conservative.

The irascible commentator told Unsolicited Drivel, “I be hearin’ what you been sayin’ ‘bout me little Drivel lady.  Like I shoulda been reportin’ from Middle Earth ‘stead a CNN all o' this time and I ‘spect an apology from y’all.  I ain’t upset in the change o’ management with them bringing in that Jeff Zucker, forma-ly o’ NBC - that fella who created the ‘must-flee-TV’ with their programmin’. I ain’t even sore ‘cause they been groomin’ that Solenoid O’Brien for total cable news domination ‘cause her face actually looks like what America really looks like now and she don’t look like she should be barefoot in no kitchen an’ making alligator jerky. You know what makes me hotter than a steamed crawfish at a KKK rally though? Them politicians today! What am I s’posed to yell about?  The Democrats ain’t got not real plan and a salamada on the banks of the Mississipp got more backbone, and the Republican’s only plan is to make all of American just hoppin’ mad if they don’t die from starvation first!”

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