Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Levi Johnston Apologized to the Palins!

Wasilla - Levi Johnston is hoping the Palins will let bygones be bygones and even has gone so far as to apologize to the half-term Governor Sarah.

In a recent interview Bristol’s baby daddy said, “Last year, after you made Bristol break up with me, I was not happy and very angry.  I said things publicly about the Palins that might not be entirely true.  I would like to reach out and apologize to Mrs. Palin and the rest of them Palins by saying, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I said Mrs. Palin called her baby a retard.  I’m sorry I was always saying you were about to divorce.  Just for the record, I never wanted to be ‘Joe Hollywood’ like you said, but now that Bristol seems to have a mighty fine acting career ahead of her, I reckon I’d like to patch things up with her so’s I can to go to Hollywood with her.  Speaking of Hollywood, I never slept with that Kathy Griffin woman neither.  Please don’t shoot me ma’am.  I mean, hate me.  Thanks and God Bless.”

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Brussels Marriot said...

The whole Palin family should apologize for everything they ever said or did.

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