Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lohan to Go to Jail!

Los Angeles – This is the face of defeat.
How does judge Martha Revel get the last 4 hours of her life back?  I’m not sure why anybody bothered to testify, but Lindsay Lohan was just found in violation of her probation.

Lindsay thought she was compliant as far as she knew.  She got permission to leave town from the alcohol education program and wasn’t asking for special treatment.  She DID THE BEST SHE COULD (fake tears).  She was working mostly (on what?) and that’s why she skipped classes (cry, cry again).  She appreciates the program and wanted to make the judge happy. Nobody told her she wasn’t in compliance and she takes responsibility for her actions.  Lindsay RESPECTS the judge…even though she defied her (at least 7 times). 

The DA asked for 30 days in the pokey and the SCRAM to remain on until the court decides it comes off. 

The judge then ran off Lohan's history of lies and non-compliance.  Probation was reinstated as “formal” probation and she got 30 DAYS IN JAIL FOR VIOLATING PROBATION AND 30 DAYS FOR EACH DUI. SCRAM Stays on, too.

90 DAYS IN JAIL!!!!!!!  Followed by mandatory rehab.

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Richard Rich said...

Goto FAIL. Do not pass Go.

Reginald Van Dough said...

My kind of gal.

Mayda Munny said...

No rich person has gone to jail in over 300 years!

Roger Reynholm said...

You stole my line Mayda!!!

Douglas Reynholm said...

You stole MY line dear brother!

Roger Reynholm said...

Righto dear old bra

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