Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paris Hilton Released Back to be Wild in South Africa

Port Elizabeth – Almost as soon as the news broke that socialite Paris Hilton had been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession, the South African police have released her.  It’s true – in the time you could have taken to roll a joint and smoke it, Hilton’s case was dropped.  Actually, the length of time she was detained was more like the time she would have spent in jail in L.A. after being convicted for DUI -- say 3 hours or so.  Regardless, she's free now to go back to skanking up the World Cup,  not to be confused with Mick Jagger, who is stinking up the World Cup.

Hilton was arrested during the match between Brazil and the Netherlands on Friday after authorities smelled what they thought was Cannabis clouded round her head.

By midnight the hotel heiress had been cleared of all charges in a FIFA World Cup courtroom when the defense determined that the offensive odor was actually just her latest perfume she was trying to market.

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Nicole Bichy said...

She's my hero although we no longer talk to each other

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