Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura Only Pleased Liberals Last Night

Dr. Laura making liberals happy? After last night, that’s what some critics and former fans are saying about her!

Dr. Laura Schlessinger told what’s left of Larry King’s attention span that she is ending her radio show at the end of her contract this year. She told King that she wanted to leave the show on this low note in order to "regain her First Amendment rights," and also so that her sponsors wouldn’t be lynched. Sorry. That’s probably not the right word. How about boycotted?

Dr. Laura’s decision came after her notorious “n-word” rant where she said the “n-word” eleven times (without having Tourette’s Syndrome) to one caller, when saying it only once or twice would have made her point.  Schlessinger was discussing a double standard of blacks getting a free pass for using the word when whites do not. Neither the host or the caller made note of fact the NAACP held a funeral for the racist word back in 2007, leaving them both to sound like rock-heads for using it on live radio.

We caught up with one of the controversial host’s die-hard fans, Kevin Boor, who told us, “I'm not upset because the radio show is ending.  I'm upset because I believed that when Dr. Laura said, ‘I really thought that once we had a black president, the attempt to demonize whites hating blacks would stop,’ she’d grab the opportunity to blame President Obama for trampling on her First Amendment rights, but she didn’t. Unbelievable! A true conservative, who her listeners thought she was, would blame Obama for EVERYTHING. Well, everything except global warming, because we don’t believe in that.”

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Immy Becile said...

Yesterday was a bad day for the imbeciles of Merica.

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