Friday, June 11, 2010

Gary Coleman’s Handwritten Will Surfaces!

Fresh after profiting (but not enough) from deathbed pictures of Gary Coleman, his ex-wife Shannon Price has unearthed a handwritten will, dating back to 2007. The will was written one week after the couple wed and naturally, names Shannon as the sole heir of Gary’s estate.

Even though the will was not witnessed (except by the other personalities in Shannon’s head that give her seizures) or notarized, Price insists that Coleman was of sound mind when he wrote it, as he loved her with all of his heart --the functioning part, anyway.

We were able to land a picture of the document and its authenticity is probably going to be VERY difficult to determine. It is clear that Coleman planned to leave Price his personal possessions in the will, but it is unclear if he planned for her to carry on his legacy of ill will toward his parents. The real ones, not Mr. Drummond. See for yourself.

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Gary Coleman Sr. said...

Waachu Talkin Bout Gary. I want my moeny

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