Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Budding Satirists Wanted for Unsolicited Drivel

Join us in irritating the Internet!
If you would like to write for Unsolicited Drivel, the Internet's leading source for informed misinformation, please let the Drivel Lady know. Just like a certain socialite news aggregator, we offer no pay (at this time) but you can share your posts with all of your friends & show them what a funny f*cker you are. Must have extreme attention to detail (current events) and an eye for irony is appreciated. Totally made-up stories are just fine, but skewed versions of the real truth are preferred. Only original material will be considered.  Our readers are partial to celebrity train wrecks, zombies and Pippa Middleton's ass, but this site will always include politics as those phonies live to contradict themselves - IRONY.  As our mascot is a bird (magpie) obviously, we are interested in ruffling some feathers. Email the Drivel Lady for more info at: unsoliciteddrivel@gmail.com

Thanks!  Hope to hear from you soon.

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