Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kanye West “Accidentally” Leaks “Kimye” Baby Name!

Yes, dear.
Los Angeles –  Never famous for keeping his yap shut, Kanye West has accidentally leaked the name of his little bastard he’s having with socialite/media whore Kim Kardashian – North.  North West.

A pal of the irascible rapper told Unsolicited Drivel, “Is that totally cool or what yo?  Obviously he couldn’t go with South West. That would be racist!  Plus, I think there's an airline named that or something.  They'd probably totally sue Kanye!  I bet a college grad snobby bitch like you thought he picked it because of that famous Hitchcock movie North By Northwest? But the only ‘Hitch’ Kanye knows is that piece of crap Will Smith film.  He don't care about some master of suspense dude in film y'all. He ain't never going to be invited to no Oscar ceremony. Kim is totally okay with the name but we’re told her mom Kris is not pleased.  No ma'am. She’s threatening to file for full legal custody and change the little brother’s name to Knorth

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Will S. said...

I was hoping for "Wild, Wild, West." Just sayin'.

GavB said...

He might as well name it "Beat the Crap Out of Me Daily"

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