Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Senator Saxby Chambliss Admits He’s Ready for the Men in the White Coats to Take Him Away

Saxby Chambliss pictured measuring hormone levels
Washington, DC - Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) proved this week to lawmakers that not only is he a hater of heroic veterans (see: former Senator Max Cleland), but he may in fact, be INSANE.

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assaults within the military Chambliss blamed the sexual assaults on the women…because they have VAGINAS.  He even said he rekoned that the women might have been horny.  He may have even said something to the effect of, "Them there lady parts got no place on the battlefied! Yessum. Yessir!" But we can't say for sure as he has a retraining order against us.

Unfortunately, no debate ensued about whether or not the psychiatric ward of George Washington Hospital should be speed dialed on 911 to aid Chambliss, or if old white geezers nearly ready for carbon dating should no longer be allowed to run for office.  However, the good news here is there was some immediate discussion about adding money in the military budget for both hookers and rent boys as it would only mean one less drone strike at home.

When Unsolicited Drivel reached out to Senator Al Franken for comment on Chambliss' remarks he stated, "If I wanted to stay in comedy, I never would have left Saturday Night Live.  Seriously thinking of quitting this bitch. I've seen more intelligent things come out of my new granchild's ass."

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