Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Discusses White House Nimrods

New York – Recently ousted USDA employee Shirley Sherrod appeared on “The Today Show” this morning to discuss the debacle that was her unnecessary forced resignation over a deceptively edited videotape.   Sherrod wondered out loud how she would explain to her grandchildren that first black president fired the first black director of rural development in Georgia.  The White House has denied direct involvement in her ouster, despite her boss, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, initially indicating otherwise.

Earlier in the week, the deceitfully edited video was uploaded to the web by a conservative blogger Andrew Brietbart to give the false impression that Sherrod was racist toward a white farmer and hesitated in providing him government aid to save his farm.  The video was taken from a speech Sherrod had given to the NAACP and Brietbart’s aim was to prove that they were just as racist as the Tea Party.  Uh, no…we meant that Brietbart wanted to prove the NAACP to be racists  - as OPPOSED to the Tea Party (who have no blacks at their rallies).  Brietbart later admitted he never viewed the entire 40-minute video that the NAACP happened to have handy to totally debunk his racist allegation.  The story Sherrod really told the NAACP indicated that at first she felt the farmer had a superior attitude toward her causing her to recall her life in the South including the murder of her father (by racists), but further stated that "I didn't let that get in the way of trying to help."

After he finished laughing his wrinkled ass off, the farmer in question, Roger Spooner, confirmed the idea of Shirley Sherrod being racist was about as far from reality as the likelihood of a Klan member attending a Kanye West concert.  He also confirmed that his family and Sherrod are still close friends to this day.

Sherrod told “Today” that once the White House had realized that they had been duped by some (likely racist) jagg-off in his pajamas, and because they also (like Brietbart) couldn’t be bothered to watch the entire 40-minute video to get the truth, they offered her another job which she may or may not consider taking.  She admitted that the administration has apologized and she doesn’t need a personal apology from Obama, but would like to speak to him regardless.  Altruistic lady that she is, Sherrod said she would like to discuss the challenges of rural America with the president.   We feel she should also take a moment to ask him why he has such f@#ing boneheads on his staff that decided to force her to resign on a whim.

UPDATE:  Obama reached out and called Shirley. 
He still owes her a "Beer Summit" though!!!

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