Monday, September 6, 2010

Governor Admits "Headless Bodies Story" in Error

Jan "8 Heads in a Duffelbag" Brewer, the late governor of Arizona, announced on Sunday that her previous provocative statements about finding headless bodies in the desert being caused by illegal immigrants wasn't, um, exactly true. The leathery legislator had been pressed by reporters to name a single incident of a headless body being found and after pausing 16 seconds, admitted that she had made a mistake.

"That was an error, if I said that," she said. When shown news reports, blog postings, podcasts, videos, and the homepage of her own website (, she said "look I already admitted it, so leave me alone already. What are you reporters trying to do, humiliate me for my obviously false and inflammatory hate speech? Bigots have rights too ya know!!" Reporters' heads then exploded, ironically confirming her original statements about headless bodies.

Gov. Brewer (pre-make-up)

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Milty Tilty said...

She's looking good, who's her hairdresser?

Karen Black said...

Didn't I work with her in "Trilogy of Terror?"

Rod Sterling said...

Yes, you did

Batty Danger said...

She's a Card!

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