Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cable Television Needs a Whoopin'

It's soapbox Wednesday and it's time for cable TV's strong arm tactics to come to an end, and only WE can make it happen.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, they don't give a shit, but Rome wasn't built in a day people.

In case you weren't aware, cable giant Comcast is trying to charge Netflix fees for streaming movies to their cable subscribers.   Services like Netflix and Hulu have become popular because cable television providers do not allow subscribers the freedom to choose.  Personally, I am forced to buy about 275 channels I never will watch just to receive the handful that I do and it's beyond infuriating.

Why are cable providers allowed to fiscally RAPE consumers like this?  If we rely on our Congress or the FCC to stop them consumers will continue to throw hundreds of dollars into a black hole every month.  We need to take action OURSELVES.

Those of us who are like minded should inundate our cable providers with phone calls and emails regarding our dissatisfaction so much so that they don't have time to do their jobs.  If it's a good enough tactic for John Boehner, hell, it's most certainly good enough for the likes of Comcast, Time Warner, etc.  They are all evil and deserve whatever we can dish out.  In fact, Comcast must be such a hell hole to work at that it prompted their head of advertising to use the f-word in all of his conversations with the executives at newspaper I used to work at.  Nice.  Real class.

I beseech you dear readers to join me in the revolt.  Don't threaten to discontinue your service, just keep bombarding them with the same question over and over again, "What gives you the right to choose what I view on television when I am the one paying your salary?"  Talk about ass-backwards!  Start Facebook pages people and pester the living hell out of these media behemoths.  Remind them that it's because of their shoddy business practices that internet streaming of video exists.  They did this to themselves.

In the meantime, please click here to sign a petition to the FCC to stop Comcast from trying to screw Netflix.



Oh, and here's Comcast's phone # 800-266-2278

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