Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Romney Campaign Advisor Insists American Women are Now Equal

U.S. of A. - Even though women in this country are still earning 67 cents on the dollar compared to every man and women are most certainly in the minority among CEOs and Congress and the Senate, a legal advisor to Republican Mitt Romney's campaign is insisting they are not discriminated against.

Robert Bork, famous for being rejected and having his Supreme Court Justice nomination by President Reagan tossed through a paper shredder by the Senate faster than a buzzard would jump on a shit wagon, recently stated in an interview:

“Women are the majority of the population now.  So how can we say they are discriminated against?  Isn’t it always the case that the majority rules?  However, despite the women surpassing the men in population, we conservatives still think it’s of vital importance to legislate their lady parts.”

Another representative from the Romney campaign clarified Bork’s view for Unsolicited Drivel and told us, “Hey Robert’s just pointing out that both women and blacks have the right to vote, so they are not being discriminated against.  Period.  And with the current state of the economy men are now afforded an equal opportunity just like the women and blacks to be forced into taking a low-paying job way below their skill set simply to survive.  Americans finally have a level playing field.”

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Hellena Bonham Bologna said...

I think Romney's brain went through a paper shredder too.

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