Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Second Visit to Occupy Baltimore

We went to Occupy Baltimore today. I forgot to take writing materials so I don’t have any notes, like I did for our New York and DC visits. I’ll do the best I can from memory and let the pictures tell the rest of the story

The protest is located in the Inner Harbor – you can look about a hundred yards away at the Constellation, an old-style sailing ship docked in the water.

It’s small, maybe about 30-50 people (New York started with a couple of dozen). Police have fenced it off with metal grates, but it’s still easy to get in and out of. Earlier in the day I read that the Baltimore Police have no plans to do anything about the protest, and we don’t actually see a police officer the whole time we are there. As we arrive, cars are driving by and honking support. One guy shouts “Ravens” – they’re having a game today and lots of people are wearing the team color - purple. About 20 tents are visible on one side.

There are two big signs which say “Donations” so we stop by one of them and hand over our bag of goodies (hot tea, coco, power bars – it’s what they said they wanted on their website The people are a mix of old and young, white and black. A few signs here and there. We walk by a sign-painting area, and also two young guys sitting in the library (a table with a bunch of books on it). Next to the library is a pole with suggestions tacked to it for the evening’s meeting (8 pm every day).

Overlooking the protest area are some of the bigger buildings in Baltimore. Bank of America (bailout recipient), M&T Bank (a local operation, who I think was not bailed out), PNC (also local, also not bailed out). I look up and around the square to see if I can see anyone standing on a deck and drinking champagne. Nope.

Since we live in Baltimore, we’ll be coming back with more supplies. As long as they are there, we will be.

Posted by: GMan with photos by Laurie B.

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