Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colbert Nails it On Geraldo Hoodie Comments

I haven't made a peep about the Trayvon Martin murder (yes, that's what it was) because it's just too heartbreaking.  If and when Zimmerman, the shooter, is arrested, what is the crazy conservative defense going to be?  He shot Trayvon because he knew he was going to be a future drain on the healthcare system with diabetes because he had Skittles?  It will be some crazy defense for sure.  If Trayvon ever is afforded justice.  Anyway, in case you are unaware, Geraldo Rivera is racist.  Having grown up outside NYC when he was at WABC, I have known of the existence of that jack-ass for my entire life.  Enough already.  Go away Gerry Rivers.  Colbert, as always, nails the controversy with comic relief and class.
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