Monday, March 12, 2012

Olivier Martinez Confirms He’s Going to Be Halle Berry’s 3rd Ex-Husband

Miami – Heartthrob French actor Olivier Martinez has confirmed that when it comes time again for actress Halle Berry to declare to the press that she’s through with love for good, he’ll be sitting at the other end of the conference table with his high-powered lawyer - preferably in a community property state.

At the opening of his new Miami restaurant, the 46-year-old actor confirmed his engagement stating, “Of course zee rumor is true.  All rumors in zee tabloid press are true. I don’t care if people call her Halle scary. I’m marrying a former Bond girl.  I mean - holy merde! She didn’t marry zee last guy you know.  Zee baby daddy.  So I must be pretty special if Halle plans to divorce me in zee not so distant future while airing all of our dirty laundry in public.  And I can’t wait to take half of her money and demand spousal support even zough I am perfectly capable of supporting myself.  California, here I come! Although, I'm not sure zee paycheck ever cleared for her performance in Catwoman.

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