Monday, March 12, 2012

Speaker Boehner Thinks You’re An Idiot

Washington, DC – We are only as smart as the choices we make in this life.  That being said, GOP leader Speaker John Boehner probably thinks Americans are mostly idiots based upon whom we voted for.

In a recent interview when asked about Congress Boehner stated, “We got some of the smartest people in the country who serve here, and some of the dumbest.” He also touted his own achievements stating, “There’s nobody who works harder here to pretend to work with the president than I do. I’ve mastered pretending and I think my ability to cry on cue as if my puppy was just hit by a liquor truck is proof positive of that.”

We all know about Boehner’s insincere efforts to meet Obama half way, but what about this “dumb” comment? That still stings.

Unsolicited Drivel checked in with our political analyst who told us, “I am sure that Speaker Boehner’s comment about the current crop of dummies in Congress is directed at the Tea Party freshman. Of course voters who elected people who think taxes are too high even though some of them are receiving IRS refunds for the first time since the 80s can be considered mental defectives.  But I don’t think Boehner was thinking about the voters. That wouldn’t be like him at all. He was probably just criticizing his colleagues as being dumb because they hadn't figured out how to get lobbyists to massage their upper thighs like a Thai hooker while lining their pockets with money, or how to spend more time on the golf course than legislating to take the country ass-backwards yet."

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Denice Brown said...

This guy cries more than my kid when she gets her shots. AND he is a supreme idiot. Great column, Dearie!

Laurie B. said...

Thanks! Miss you D. since U.D. got kicked off of Facebook last year. I'm on Twitter and Google +.

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