Thursday, June 14, 2012

HBO Didn’t Mean to Impale Dubya

Los Angeles – Executives at the network where actors first could say “f*ck,” HBO, are apologizing this week for using a likeness of former President George W. Bush in a beheading scene in its popular series Game of Thrones.

Bush’s head was first spotted by people not doing the work they are paid for on the site and has since almost gone viral among Internet slackers. Uh, we mean users.

A spokesperson for the cable network told Unsolicited Drivel, “We had to use whatever heads we had sitting around gathering dust in the special effects warehouse. Really. Why leave a perfectly good empty head around gathering dust when it could be splattered with blood? It was totally NOT a political statement. I KNOW what you are thinking. Oh, the irony! Because Bush likes to invade countries where they still are fond of cutting off your head while thinking he can bomb them back to the Stone Age, when in the case of, say, Afghanistan, they never left the Stone Age to begin with. But that’s not the case. If we had had a Kardashian or a Lohan head lying around, we certainly would have used that in the same scene. Besides, if we had wanted to make a political statement about the senseless murder of defenseless civilians all in order to line the pockets of our evil corporate cronies, we would have gone with a Dick Cheney head.”

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