Friday, December 14, 2012

I was going to write some satire today but...

WTF? I have two teachers in my family.  I worry about them every day.   Whatever happened to verbal abuse?  There were guns galore in our household and plenty of reasons to shoot each other when I was growing up.  Our hearts and prayers can go out to the families of the victims in the Connecticut shooting, but not the prayers of the NRA or the government.  Is it the easy availability assault rifles?  (The GOP didn't renew Clinton's ban.)  Is it because these kids don't have to lock and load between text-bullying?  USE YOUR BRAINS for self defense.  I'm going to start a daycare center for sarcastic survivalists.  I will say that today was the first day that made me want to visit N. Korea, if only to find a unicorn lair covered with a rainbow. Thanks, NRA. & GOP - FOR NOTHING.

A poll from TMZ...don't know if you can call them the "voice of the People," but the website gets millions of hits per month.

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