Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Has FINALLY Thanked Charlie Sheen for Tax Loan

You didn't get those crabs from ME!!
Hollywood - What better way to say "thank you" than to say it with flowers?  Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, who recently had her bank accounts seized by the IRS, has FINALLY thanked one-dimensional fellow actor Charlie Sheen for his recent $100k loan for her to partially pay the IRS her back taxes.

Sheen and Lohan met on the set of Scary Movie 5,  a franchise which was already long dead, so Unsolicited Drivel was told that the casting of Lohan and Sheen seemed like a natural to producers.

Sheen had publicly been griping about Lohan's lack of gratitude lately, possibly on Twitter. Who knows as he deletes and reinstates his account more often that most people take a pee.  Anyway, he allegedly wrote something like, "that little ginger skank is such an ingrate, I wouldn't even snort blow off of her ass and lock her in a hotel bathroom!"

Lohan got wind of Sheen's angry outburst and quickly remedied the situation by having her on again/off again assistant Gavin send flowers and a thank you note to Charlie's Bel Air mansion because she couldn't Tweet a half hearted "thank you" because her fingers were down her throat.

We got a look at the thank you card and are pretty sure Lindsay had that perv photographer, you know, the one who will eventually shoot an underage model with a gun up her lady parts?  What's his name?  Oh yeah, Tyler Shields!  We think Shields helped Lindsay create the card:

As for which flower shop it was in Hollywood that created the "I'm sorry for being a self-involved a-hole" arrangement, we don't know which one it was, but we'd sure as hell like to find out!

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Amanda Bynes said...

Charlie also paid off the people I side-swiped driving who were suing me. Winning!

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