Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shop Different (Special Shout out to Baltimore Macintosh users)

701 South Broadway
Independent Apple store becomes less annoying and somewhat hip again....Dateline: Fells Point....

Here is our experience shopping in the Capitol Mac store in downtown Baltimore: we went in and bought something and left. Length of experience: 5 minutes. Emotions after experience: none.

Here is our experience shopping in the Towson, MD Apple store: we had to go online (they never even answer the phone) 24 hours in advance to reserve our appointment at an inconvenient time with an Apple "Genius," then show up in the store at the inconvenient time, walk past all the fuckers texting on their iPhones (perhaps they were setting up appointments for the next day) who were shopping for newer, thinner iPhones they could fold into origami even though they are made in China, not Japan, then register, then wait until our own personal "Genius" with a big freaking hole in his earlobe was available while other geniuses stand around reminiscing about the premature cancellation of Firefly.  20 Minutes into the inconvenient appointment, we then give up a lot of personal information which we had already given them the last time we were there, then buy something, then leave. Length of experience: 24 hours + 30 minutes late after scheduled appointment then 15 minutes.  Emotions after experience: we wanted to chew our own arms off or get a Jagermeister drip just at the thought of ever returning to the store, the mall it was in, Towson, in the great state of Maryland, or the planet Earth.

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