Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As The Kardashian-o-clypse Approaches...

Wish you could tell my hair is purple here.
I've faced a lot of unexpected challenges over the last year or so.  I write to stay sane. Hope to post more and more.  Open to other writers wanting to join in the ironic observations (for no pay... hey, The Onion wasn't built in a day - try more like 11 years - and does Arianna pay anyone? Maybe whoever it is that licks her $3,000 boots?  Dunno.) Keep coming back!  And perhaps write for me too. I like to feature hypocrites.  For the STORIES, I mean.  No patience for the real people.  I have been extremely flattered by the questions I have received in the realm of "why aren't you writing for Colbert or SNL?" You are incredibly kind.  Thanks again, but I am too old.  In my day... those hiring satirists were only interested in members of the Harvard Boys Club.  Sent them my submissions and they came back in un-opened envelopes.  Unread.  But thank you for thinking of me.  Kimye baby aside, this year is already off on the wrong foot as I helped a neighborhood kid set his butt on fire tonight. What is wrong with me?!?  Love my readers though! Think about joining my ship of fools if you like to string sentences together.

XOX -  The Drivel Lady

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