Friday, August 6, 2010

This is "Montenegro" Style?

Us Magazine is reporting that this is what Angelina Jolie must mean by Shiloh's "Montenegro" style.  I guess.  Topless dressed as a dude?  It's also reported that she cried because they tried to make her wear long hair.  Who cares?  I totally understand that as I had to have my hair cut off as a kid because I wouldn't comb it and almost had dreadlocks by the 4th grade.  I think it was some sort of political protest over my dad's totalitarian regime.

Anyhoo, if you do a web search on the term "Montenegro Style," you get this website that is "Under construction."  The clothes they list don't exactly match Shiloh's style.  Unless she's emulating Kurt Cobain?  I could maybe see that.  But this site still means that if a person was smart, every time Angelina Jolie made up some bullshit term to throw the press off her kid's fashion statements and/or odd behavior, they could buy the domain name and sell it back to some sucker for big $$$.

I don't know why I'm not more on top of that kind of stuff.  Maybe, since Shiloh likes to go topless, I should see if is available?  Don't be thinking about stealing my idea now.  I will sue your asses.  Especially if the lawyer will accept Honey Nut Cheerios box tops for a retainer.

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