Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pandora's Book - James Cameron to Pen Avatar “Prequel”

Los Angeles – While fanatical Avatar fans were lining up yet again outside movie theaters in blue face paint last weekend to avoid withdrawal symptoms and also for their weekly dose of ridicule, creator, James Cameron, has already confirmed he’s going to take the traditional sci-fi movie route of writing suck-tastic prequels to keep the franchise going.  But don’t look for a new movie just yet!  First Cameron is going to write a book - an epic novel to fill in all of the movie’s unanswered questions like, “was that a plot?” Anyway, fans want more and they want it now.  They want to know the back-story on Jake Sully. Not particularly the story about how he lost the use of his legs, but how he somehow lost whatever semblance of a personality he was likely born with, yet still manages to nail a babe as hot as Neytiri.  Also, fans will want to understand how another super hot babe, scientist Grace Augustine, chose to restrict her love relationships to cross-pollination. Based upon Cameron’s previous creative process, this novelization should take roughly only about 15.4 years – give or take a few.  Unfortunately, most of the fans suffering from the “Avatar Withdrawal Syndrome” may have actually moved out of their mom’s basements by then, leaving no one to remind them to get in line at midnight the day of the book signing at the Barnes and Noble.  Amazon.com should be flooded with pre-orders right about now.

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