Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alan Grayson Must Be Stopped!!!

Washington, DC – Florida Congressman Alan Grayson (D) is a "smary [sic] idiot" (despite putting himself through Harvard) according to one conservative media critic and deserves to be socked in the nose.  Dan Gainor is offering $100 to the first member of Congress who will punch Grayson for criticizing the GOP’s opposition to extending unemployment benefits.

The outrage was prompted by Grayson’s comments on the house floor where he stated that Republican lawmakers are "taking food out of the mouths of children" and "trying to revive the America of desperate straits and cheap labor" by blocking the passage of legislation that would extend unemployment benefits.  Grayson also mentioned something about Republicans facing Satan in Hell on judgment day, but Gainor, VP of the Media Research Center and object of Rush Limbaugh’s affection, had no reaction to that comment.

We asked one Republican house member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, about the hubbub and he told us, “I don’t think there’s any concern about the general public believing that Grayson, being a politician, speaks the truth.  Besides, it’s not like the GOP wants to bring America to its knees like we were back in the Great Depression.  We just want to screw us up as badly as we were during the Carter administration so another Democratic president who exhibits any real signs compassion for the middle class is doomed to be a one-termer.”

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