Tuesday, July 6, 2010

George Michael Still Free Wheelin’

London – It’s seeming more and more appropriate that British singer/songwriter George’s Michael’s former band was called “Wham!” as he was in yet another car crash this weekend, this time crashing into a building. 

Fans were stunned to hear the 47-year-old Michael was behind the wheel, as many believed he was no longer allowed to drive after already having an impressive history of being busted behind the wheel under the influence of drugs when he wasn’t busy being busted for lewd behavior in public.  One faithful fan told us, “I was surprised to hear that authorities even allow him to leave the house, quite frankly.  I guess he’ll have to mow down the bloody Queen before they finally take his license away for good.  But I suppose it would still be okay if he mowed down Fergie.  What I find even more surprising than George still driving is given his career of late, how he’s still able to even afford drugs.  He must have much more competent financial management than Boy George.”

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Dana Crappy said...

His career also is a bust of late

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