Thursday, July 29, 2010

Leo DiCaprio Won’t Be Emoting for Mel Gibson

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the greatest working actors today (according to Marty Scorcese at least), will NOT be moving his little-boy-face-trapped-on-a-man’s-head for Mel Gibson’s next directorial effort.  DiCaprio was to star in Gibson’s overblown (and likely overly violent) Viking epic, but has reportedly dropped out.

When asked if Leo was involved with the film, an insider told us, "Not a chance.  He can pick and choose whomever he works with and it won’t be Gibson, that’s for sure.  Do you think Leo would still be able to bang supermodels if he was associated with Mel?"

An official rep for Leo told Unsolicited Drivel, “Do you really think my client is that superficial?  Leo pulled out because Mel wanted to film it with the actors speaking in the Viking’s traditional Old Norse.  Shooting was slated to begin in September and with Leo’s schedule,  there just wasn’t any way that he could learn the language by then. Or, get to like herring.”  Nice save.

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