Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ryan & Tatum O'Neal - Reality TV Apocalypse?

Chicken shit! Fans of reality television might want to get used to the notion that it could go away sooner rather than later as Hollywood’s most dysfunctional father/daughter duo plans to stink up the small screen. Big time.

Sorry for all of you fans of Lindsay and Michael (I like to kick my dates in the vajay-jay) Lohan.  They're amateurs compared to Ryan and Tatum O’Neal!  The O’Neals are pitching a show “Lost and Found,” working title: “F.U. You F’in F’er Get the F Out of My Life - Oh, Wait! Come Back! I Can’t Find an F'in Acting Job.”

It's believed that last year’s passing of Ryan’s long-time love Farrah Fawcett reunited the estranged father and daughter when Tatum was surprised to find Ryan’s hand in her blouse at the wake.

Some of the controversial issues they are likely to cover may include the proper age for a child to start snorting coke off of their Etch-a-Sketch and how to avoid damaging the screen, the proper ways to blow smoke rings and Hollywood producers, when to use a fireplace poker for an assault instead of bare fists, among other important domestic issues.

We asked a Hollywood industry insider for a comment on the O'Neal's project and he told us, “Well, it’s certainly good news for writers of scripted TV that have been starving since the last strike. If anyone could possibly bring down the reality TV genre in flames it would be Ryan and Tatum. Their show will probably make the Osbournes look like Masterpiece Theater.”

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