Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

The first week in November might as well be called "Fear Week," if you are watching the behavior of the Democrats in Congress. Since they have no spin machine to counter the Republican Spin Machine, which has been in characterizing every piece of Democrat-voted-for-Republican-voted-against legislation in the past two years as being unaffordable-socialist-nazi-anti-small-business, while some Democratic congresspersons have actually began running on a platform of they-didn't-support-the-unaffordable-socialist-nazi-anti-small-business programs of their own party.

This week the first aspects of the new national healthcare program began to kick in. No longer can insurance companies exclude children who have prior conditions. Parents may cover the children after college up to age 26. We can spend 80000000000000000 dollars (that's 8 f-load-a-pillion dollars) on wars abroad and nobody ever objects. Can we please stop whining about a few billion dollars for programs that actually help Americans?

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