Friday, August 12, 2011

Obama Realistic About Re-election

New York – Speaking at a fundraiser last night likely attended by only by folks who get to hang* with the Clintons, President Obama stressed that his administration is focused on putting Americans back to work, instead of deluding themselves into thinking that spending cuts will solve all of our problems.  He suggested we invest in new (green) technologies and reinvest in education instead of just helping the rich invest on Wall Street, as was the plan over the last 10 years.

On a night when GOP Presidential hopefuls were cat-fighting in a debate over which had the least accomplishments, and a Fox News host received "boos" from the audience when he asked Michele Bachmann if she “submits” to her husband (when everyone knows Marcus Bachmann likes to be dominated), the President turned focus back to the important tasks at hand. Some of his remarks included: 

“Democracy is a messy business.  Heck, the Iraqi people can tell you that.  Our system is broken and after 2 1/2 half years of holding it together with Krazy Glue, it’s time to face facts - that glue just doesn’t do a heckuva job.  Getting to a second term will be a challenge.  Maybe I should have saved Bin Laden's death as an 'October surprise?'  But that's not my style.  So, are we going to have a country that’s inclusive, with opportunities for everybody, or a country that remains exclusive?  Are we going to create jobs outside of the military for a change?  Well, that’s the plan.  In fact, we have created jobs under my administration.  I thought about hiring a PR firm to get the message out, but that kind of bullsh*t costs money.  Besides, I’m not sure there’s a firm in America that’s talented enough get any message through the dense skulls of the Tea Party. Thanks.  You've been a lovely audience.  Enjoy the local free-range prime rib.”

As always, Ohio’s progressive Rep. Dennis Kucinich took issue with Obama’s leadership by stating, “Obama needs to be more like FDR.”  Upon hearing this criticism, GOP Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney stated, “If you mean Obama needs to be a rich white guy who comes from a neighborhood that most Americans could only dream about living in, then I agree!” 

*Not the folks who hang the Clinton’s hand-painted wallpaper.

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