Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tony Bennett Announces His “I’m Sorry About My 9/11™ Remarks” Tour

New York – Another crooner is in the news this week and generating controversy as Tony Bennett is under fire for his remarks about 9/11™.

Bennett was on Howard Stern’s Sirius Radio show on Monday to promote his “Duets II” album and said of 9/11™, “They flew the plane, but we caused it.”  

His remarks caused outrage and despite the fact that he has apologized twice, it doesn’t seem to be silencing his critics.  So this morning, his team announced he will be embarking on a “9/11™ Apology Tour.”

A rep for the singer told Unsolicited Drivel, “Tony is very sorry for his remarks and also sorry that he can’t count on Americans to know the history of our actions in the Middle East that led up to the attacks.   Regardless, his apology is sincere.  But it just isn’t resonating with the public.  So he’s decided to add a leg of his ‘Duets’ tour to apologize in a free, or ‘freedom’ concert.  Ironically, the people who are the angriest with Tony probably even don’t listen to his music, so I’m not predicting a very successful tour.  If only he had made this public relations gaffe in mid-summer I could have booked him at state fairs had him eat a corn dog on stage to win back America’s favor.” 

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