Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Was Tyler Perry On the Short List to Re-Make Steel Magnolias?

Atlanta, GA – Almost as soon as the news broke about the Lifetime TV network’s plans to remake the beloved 1989 film Steel Magnolias with an all-black cast rumors started swirling about who would be tapped for the project.  Every great black actress from Phylicia Rashad to Loretta Divine has already been mentioned to take on the roles of the steely Southern belles.  

And now Unsolicited Drivel has just learned that filmmaker Tyler Perry was planning on directing and starring in the project. A rep for the cross-dressing actor told us, “It would have been the role of a lifetime for Tyler to take on not one, but six roles in the Lifetime production of Steel Magnolias.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t make the deal happen. Tyler insisted on moving the production from Louisiana to Atlanta.  But the network said it would be cost prohibitive.  Now I think that was really just a stalling tactic in negotiations as I heard from a source that they just flat out didn’t want to hire a dude.  That’s harsh as Tyler even offered to undergo dialysis to get into character to play Shelby.  He also already went to the trouble of having his graphic art team at his production house design a poster to show the network.”

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Flip W. said...

Perry stole that idea of dressing up like a sassy sister from me.

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