Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m Not a Racist, I Just Play One in DC

…at least when I attend Tea Party rallies. Come on.  Have at me.  There’s nothing you can say to convince me that the Tea Party’s roots aren’t in racism.  All that’s missing from rallies above the Virginia state line are the stars and bars.  Seriously.  And that was the case with the “Stand With Arizona” rally in Washington, DC.

As you may be aware, the Supreme Court was hearing arguments against Arizona’s controversial SB-1070 immigration law yesterday and I decided to join the Greater Phoenix Tea Party to pretend to support them as I’ve been cooped up a lot lately and needed some wildlife sightings.  

Sadly, and gladly, there were not many Tea Party supporters there.  Their numbers are dwindling fast.  Open-minded people outnumbered them probably by three to one. I really thought that the Arizonans would bus in the Confederacy from Northern Virginia to fill out the crowd, but they did not.  They insisted that the Tea Party NEVER buses its members into town (Hello?  See Glenn Beck’s Misinformed-Patriot-A-Thon of August 2010) but the liberals ALWAYS do.  Hey, Tea Party!  If you don’t bus people in, why is the Metro nearly empty whenever you have a rally? When the very liberal Jon Stewart held his rally, the train stations were packed like sardines, you lying, liars.  

Ironically, as the Tea Party professes to be chock-full o’ Jesus loving Christians, all of the religious representation yesterday was on the liberal left side.  I also found it ironic that the Tea Party was positioned on the left side of the court for the rally and the liberals were positioned on the right.  Ha!  I love irony.  

As ALWAYS, one will be treated to seeing the Z-List country singers for entertainment.  You won’t see Blake Shelton at these events…even though he allegedly hates “the homos” too.  Some of the delightful lyrics included “Racism, racism, racism…” in an effort to declare they are not racist, “This is the U.S. of A., not the U.S.S. of A!” because we have to have a reference to communism, and “English is still the language of these United States!”  

Alleged "homo hater."
Speaking of “the homos,” this guy REALLY hated them which screams to me that he’s on the down low.  He disapproved of them having “special rights.”  What special rights? He must live under a rock somewhere.  And people do crawl out from under rocks whenever there is a protest of any kind.  In addition to gay marriage, they were protesting against nuclear energy and abortion.  Like this guy, who I have re-named Ol’ Fetus Hand.
Some of the lines in the conservatives’ speeches included:

  • “Illegals take priority over law-abiding citizens.”
  • “They are trespassers!”
  • “We only have compassion for our neighbors.”
  • “They are stealing our jobs and our classroom space.”
  • “It’s like they broke into your living room and are sitting on your couch!”
  • “Our (tax) money is wasted on border patrol."

And other choice remarks.

Toward the end of the rally, what I can only call a “brigade” of students showed up to protest.  Multiple ethnicities, but they were American citizens.  I’m sure the Tea Partiers were probably thinking something along the line of, “Dang!  Anchor babies!!”

It’s not looking good for the possible overturning of Arizona SB-1070 with the current make-up of the Supreme Court and even the sole Latina justice, Sotomayor, seemed to take issue with how the arugment was presented - weakly. Regardless, the law does seem to provide A LOT of leeway for racial profiling and in the words of the liberal protestors yesterday, “We don’t have the right to legalize hate.”  We didn’t, but apparently that may change.  All we can do is pay attention to which lawmakers suggest the justices for the bench, how the justices vote and show up to vote ourselves.  Perhaps that’s the best argument against any American believing that their vote doesn’t count.
Thank yourself, Granny Hate.

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