Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Got a Look at George Clooney’s Menu For His Obama Fundraiser!

Liberal Hollywood – Movie star and activist George Clooney is hosting a $40,000 a plate fundraiser for President Obama tonight that is supposed to bring in a staggering $15 million.  Naturally, we wanted to know what $40k a plate would buy a donor.  Tasting menus seem to be all the rage today and here is the tentative one that George’s caterer secretly faxed to us:

• Salad of flame grilled radicchio and fiddlehead ferns served with shavings of California gold and dressed in balsamic vinegar handcrafted by Benedictine Monks aged in apple wood casks, organic hemp oil and essence of Belgian hare pheromones 

• Wild Coho Salmon tear, petit pois and coconut curry bisque

• King Crab elbow served with star fruit-allspice salsa

• Lancastershire quail eyelid tempura with plum wasabi sauce

• Olympia Oysters served with daikon radish, saffron and black pearl relish

• Grass-fed, Ivy League-educated beef medallions with sautéed Black Forest morel mushrooms in a Chateauneuf de Pape reduction

• Baked sweet potato dressed with White Truffle oil whipped with Nubian Goat’s milk butter, Madagascar cinnamon and rosemary from Mt. Olympus

• Seared Anjou pear stuffed with charred figs,  Roquefort, pickled Fennel and false hope

Special note:  An open oxygen bar will be supplied for starlets who are dieting and wish to forgo meals to just inhale food-like aromas.

Seems reasonable enough for the price of admission!  Right?!?

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