Thursday, June 7, 2012

America Still Doesn’t Get a Warm Fuzzy for George W. Bush

U.S. of A. – Although most Americans would admittedly like to have a beer with him, George W. Bush is reportedly the least popular living president in U.S. history. These new statistics were established once it was discovered that the 43rd president was still alive, despite being almost invisible since leaving office, as Bush was recently seen clearing brush on his ranch and it was determined by experts that he would need a pulse to do that.

When polled, 54% of Americans who like to take polls had an unfavorable view of Bush, while 43% who never read a newspaper said they still thought of him favorably. Even Warren G. Harding, who is still dead, most people don’t  even realize was president and who invented partisan cronyism and paved the way for the careers of over achieving evil-doers in America’s government, had a more favorable rating than George W. Bush. Of those who disapprove of George W. Bush, many people said they thought more favorably of former President Jimmy Carter’s liver spots and President Bill Clinton’s cigar than they did of George W. Bush. Former Vice President Al Gore also scored more favorably because he was actually elected president. Also, in what may perhaps be a bit of a slap on the ass for George W., many Americans said that they still thought better of Bush’s father George H.W.  even though he never kept his word about not raising taxes and primarily because he jumps out of planes thus increasing the possibility of someday killing himself.

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Antoine Dodgeball said...

I like the boil I just had lanced off my butt more than I like Dubya

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