Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Has America Finally Tired of Kate Gosselin's Bitch Face?

Not here for advice?  No problem!
Cyberspace - America's never sweetheart, the original octomom, Kate Gosselin, has been FIRED from her job at for not being a team player.
Gosselin, star of the thankfully cancelled TLC's  Kate Plus 8 (and the ex-husband I f*ckin' hate), had been accused of being…(are you sitting down?)…a DIVA!

An insider at the website told us, "Kate would pen columns that we not up to par to say the least and really were of no interest to the obsessive compulsive audience and/or those whose lives have been ruined by the GOP that we were trying to reach for our coupon community.  Don't get me wrong, I do think Kate is obsessive…but only when it comes to herself.  Her articles were more about how to get free stuff without having any discernible talent other than being a complete and total harpy.  Plus, once they recast Bristol Palin instead of her on the Dancing with the All Stars All Stars, Kate became insufferable to be around even though she danced like she was handy-capable during her stint on that show.  In any case we at wish her all the best in her next venture.  Perhaps someone will develop a new website, I don't know...maybe something like, and she can write an advice column and find a good fit."

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