Sunday, October 7, 2012

Movie Review: Taken 2: The Killening

The plot of this movie is: something happens, and then Liam Neeson kills a bunch of people. Actually, you already knew that, right? When we got to the theatre, there was this older couple standing in line ahead of us (they were late-50s or early 60s). They had apparently come to the theatre without having a specific movie in mind, because the man turned to us and asked what movie we would recommend. I of course said the movie we were there to see, and they did in fact buy tickets for it. Well, about 60 dead guys and a lot of dropped half-eaten falafel sandwiches later, it was all over. I wonder what the woman thought of the extremely gratuitous violencing, did she have the same deal with her husband that I have with my wife, which is: today - somebody kills a bunch of furriners; tomorrow - Amy Adams does a boy-gets-loses-gets.

Really, what is there to say about a movie like this? If you liked Taken 1, you'll like it. If you didn't like Taken 1, then you must be a girl and can at least look forward to the next Amy Adams movie trade-off. Liam Neeson is good as the guy who kills smelly-looking baddies. The daughter is back and you'll like her again too. She actually is the one surprise in the movie, taken a surprising turn as a bit of an action star. My wife at several points in the movie said it was hard to follow, but I explained this away, since there was nothing to follow. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy Neeson stompening all over Istanbul, the dirtiest place on earth according to the movie. Idea for a drinking game: every time Neeson pauses in a chase by a dirty wall that looks like it has not been cleaned since the time of Mohammed, everybody takes a shot. You'll never make it to the end of the movie, but it's ok if you don't: you already know how it ends anyway, don't you? (pause while you think for a second) - You are correct.

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Dan O. said...

This is a pretty obvious example of a sequel that’s only going for the pockets of the audience, but at least there’s still some dumb, idiotic fun to it for the time it’s on-screen. However, I do think that Neeson is getting a bit too old for these roles even though he just started it all up. Nice review Laurie.

Laurie B. said...

Thanks Dan.O. My better half is the movie reviewer. I'm the Amy Adams fan. Not particularly a fan of "chick flicks" though. They blow.

Olya Olegovna said...

Thank you, I learned a lot from your article. It is really interesting and informative.

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