Friday, January 11, 2013

Modern Day "Monopoly"

Hasbro, maker of the popular board game Monopoly, is considering changing the game. In a total trivial story that everyone suffering through the current Depression is obsessing over, the toy manufacturer has decided to retire one of the original game pieces (you remember: the hat, the scottie dog, the iron, etc.) and is asking the general public to decide which piece to retire. We at Unsolicited Drivel think that which piece is retired is not nearly so important as what it is replaced with and offer the following suggestions, which fit in with our current times: The Foreclosed House, (Goldman Sachs CEO) Lloyd Blankfein's head, John Boehner's gavel, a Trillion Dollar Coin.

Other changes being considered for the classic game include: Never collecting $200 when you pass "Go"; A "Bankers-only" never-go-to-jail "Chance" card; and any time a player rolls Snake-Eyes (two ones on the dice) every home on the board is removed and the players tokens thrown out into the street.

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Anonymous said...

They had best consider replacing the street names that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. As far as a new game piece? I say a generator would be appropriate. Mayor Linda Thompson

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