Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Escape for Ann Curry From NBC Contract as Lauer Works for Satan

Zuck you, Matt!
New York – Bad news for NBC news' most loyal employee (possibly ever) Ann Curry as due to her co-worker Matt Lauer’s association with Satan, she will not be let out of her contract to go to CNN.

Former top NBC Executive Jeff Zucker is now in charge of CNN and rumored to be wanting to put Ann Curry as anchor into the high profile 8PM time slot which Anderson Cooper currently holds.  It is unclear what Cooper’s plans are but we are told he will remain with the network.  There is also a rumor floating around that the Bravo channel is developing a reality show for Cooper where Kathy Griffin can dry-hump him full time while reminding him constantly that his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, likes Kathy better. Fans of Cooper would likely be thrilled with a show like that as being with Griffin is the only time Cooper ever has any color in his face.

An insider at “The Today Show” told Unsolicited Drivel, "Jeff was at the helm of  'Today' back in its ratings heyday.  He also brought NBC the 'Friends'  spin-off  'Joey' and is still apologizing to his colleagues to this day for that must-flee TV.  However, I have been told that Matt Lauer is really one of Satan’s Little Helpers.  You may or may not be aware, but the helpers must be made out of flesh and bone.  Anyway, when Ann signed her last contract she didn’t realize it was a deal with the devil that Matt had helped draft.  So I suppose the only way she will be able to leave NBC is if Matt leaves this earth to join his boss in Hell.  Ah, well.  Maybe she’ll get lucky and Roker will start slipping arsenic into the cooking segments when Matt is sampling the food.”

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Not-Al-Roker said...

I prefer ricin poisoning for Matt.

The Frowzy Chickadee said...

Matt needs to come to terms that he ain't got no damn hair left! My sheep shears will finish that off nicely--just a few bloody little nips--no harm done.

Laurie B. said...

@Frowzy the only way to save Matt is to have Trump donate his hair...IMO. I really prefer your idea though.

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