Friday, February 15, 2013

And So How Was Your Valentine's Day Ruined?

Well, it's never really ruined if you have good company but understand, I didn't get to have one last year for the first year in 20 plus years with my sweetheart due to bronchitis. Ain't nobody go time for that!  So I may have had a chip (fish scale) on my shoulder.  But these folks also ruined my anniversary this year too.

Welcome Mo's Seafood to the New Fish Switcheroo Scam!

Mo's Seafood at their former location on Satyr Hill Rd. in Parkville, MD used to be my favorite place to take out of town guests. Especially those from land-locked states. NOT ANY MORE. Last summer they moved to a new location, complete with outdoor Tiki bar and indoor lightning and jumbo screen TVs worthy of M&T stadium. The decor is great. In fact, my favorite part of the evening was the glass tiles on the ladies room bathroom wall.

I first became interested in "sustainable seafood" as cool dude actor Ted Danson formed an organization (Oceana) to promote it. Farm raised seafood has no flavor, and in addition to that, the fish, shellfish, shrimp basically live in poo pools and in countries like India and Thailand, there are no regulations about how many antibiotics they are pumped with.

Mo's has been murdering clams by turning them into Goodyear tires for years now, and serving oysters roughly the size of a Kennedy half dollar, but if you still want a crab cake the size of a human brain (Abby Normal's) it's the place to go. Is it only a matter of time until they switch to that crab meat Phillip's Seafood is using from Thailand that God left behind the barn door when he was handing out flavor genetics?  I THINK SO.  The web has reported on restaurants that are passing off "trash fish" as real wild caught fish and my formerly beloved Mo's is NOW GUILTY as charged. Here are some tips: REAL Flounder has those freaky little blue capillaries in the flesh and has FLAVOR. You can't do a "Flounder fake-out" by thinking you are hip enough to try Panko coating 15 years after it became popular. Grouper, which I have to feel super guilty about to order, has a THICK and also FLAVORFUL fillet. I sure as heck don't want to see what they are passing off as Chilean Sea bass theses days!  A bar of Ivory soap? Alaskan crab legs should be served with a crab cracker. What do I look like, a Ravens linebacker?  I am borderline into old lady territory, but haven't crossed into the next realm yet.  Good thing my dried out crab legs didn't come with a mallet. Lemon slices go PERFECTLY WITH seafood, BTW.  Never heard of that? Thanks for running out of bread too.  Our waitress was fabulous I will say considering it was Valentine's day. But someone still might have slipped and broken a hip on some cocktail sauce. 

BTW, I enjoyed my beer I had for dinner afterwards at another locale. My husband enjoyed his Valentine hot dog too. Mo's new n' improved location has been turned over many times since the rich old white guy dude favorite Hersh's Orchard Inn closed.  Maybe Mo's is doomed despite being deceptive? They are doomed tonight because with all of their huge space, they didn't create a curbside take out place. Should have been first on their agenda as their bartenders were about to be victims of spontaneous human combustion.

Read more here about the trash fish nation.

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