Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Satan" DOES NOT Look Like Obama!

New York – Producers of the smash hit cable TV series on the Arts and Entertainment network, The Bible, say that the Internet Tea Party troll chatter about the actor they cast in their miniseries as Satan looking like President Barack Obama is “utter nonsense.” They also added the words, “balderdash” and “malarkey” (bwaaaah!) to get their point across.

Producer Mark Burnett of Survivor fame told Unsolicited Drivel exclusively, “Firstly, I’d like to thank all of those people out there who still believe in Jesus. Whoa! We are talking Honey Boo Boo ratings territory!!!  In terms of the Obama comparison, that’s a sin to even think that people!!  Really, it is. We just wanted someone for Satan who looked so as mean and evil as a person would if we told him he had to spend the rest of eternity in the desert with former Survivor contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  I think actor Mehdi Ouzaani mastered that look and did so without any make-up.”

Another crew member on The Bible mentioned to us that they also used a local casting director and that the director was trying to find an actor who looked like Osama bin Laden, but the director's vision wasn’t the greatest ever since his neighbor poked one of his eyes out for staring at his goat for too long.

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