Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Love My Readers

I do. I really, really do. But writers don't make money (on blogs).  I'm not David Sedaris. I will not bad mouth my entire family (when I can bad mouth them in person) and then flee to Paris. And I'm a former actor. I could do his schtick. This site is not going to suspend publication. But I have to go back to focusing on artwork.... because it sell$. I'm also going on vacation and have a big college reunion coming up and, you know, that just whole trying to survive shit.  Anyone who follows me on Twitter can always keep current. And for example: today, once I woke up I had to send a tampon care package to Rick Perry in 100 degree heat. It takes me like 2 hours just to get out of the house. Even with espresso. Yes, I have my share of issues.

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